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Acne breaking out alone is a stressful condition, but the worst part is sometimes it comes along with scars. The acne scars are quite stubborn and there is no one treatment that is suitable for everyone. The severity and type of scars you have determine what kind of acne scar treatment in Delhi will be the most effective. Scars are formed when a breakout punctures in the skin deeply and damages the skin tissues.
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Atrophic Scars ( Depressed )

  • BOXCAR –  The wide U-shaped scars with narrow edges is called boxcar. They can either be shallow or deep, the response to treatment depends on this factor only. 
  • ICE PICK – The wide V-shaped scars that go deep in the surface are called ice pick scars. They generally appear round in shape like chickenpox scars. 
  • ROLLING – The wide depressions with irregular and round appearance are called rolling. 

Hypertrophic Scars ( Raised )

  • DARK SPOTS – They are most common in back and chest acne. They are caused by the production of too much collagen during the healing process and they stand above the surface of the skin. 


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acne scar treatment in delhi


The key to effective treatment is to pick the best acne scar treatment in Delhi for each type of scar. Treatments can reduce the appearance of acne scars that cause depression in the skin. Influennz’ acne scar free+ therapy works on acne scars individually and synergistically.

If you’re looking for effective acne scar treatment in Delhi, look no further because at Influennz we offer TCA CROSS, subcision, derma roller, derma fusion, laser treatments, RF micro-needling, minor skin surgeries, peels, PRP, and fillers.


Microneedling or skin needling uses a sterile roller pen with fine and sharp needles to puncture your skin. The first step involves disinfecting the skin, followed by the application of a topical anesthetic for 60 minutes. It is done on people with acne scars with a derma roller or a dermapen moving backward and forward in different directions. The skin bleeds for a short amount of time and develops multiple micro bruises which help in the generation of growth factors and collagen production. This treatment is suitable for most skin types.

Number of sessions required – Number of sessions required depends on the individual’s collagen response and desired results. Most patients require 3 treatments around 4 weeks apart.


It is a unique therapy that combines the benefits of micro-needling, skin needling, percutaneous collagen induction therapy, with the transdermal drug delivery system. It helps with skin conditions like post-acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, dull and dehydrated skin, and even hair loss. It is a simple and effective treatment that stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. 

Skin concerns targeted with derma fusion –

  • Dull and dehydrated skin
  • Acne Scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkles and other skin marks


Micro-needling helps to activate your skin’s self-rejuvenating function that reduces blemishes caused by pigmentation, acne, and other ailments. After the treatment, your skin produces collagen as a part of healing which gives a more youthful and smooth appearance.
At Influennz, we use Dermapen4 technology which has significant benefits for your skin. It works on the principle of neocollagenesis, same as lasers.

What to expect after our acne scar treatment in Delhi ?

The downtime to this treatment is less as compared to laser. There might be mild swelling and redness on the face for 1-3 days after the treatment.


Fractional Resurfacing Laser helps to get rid of surgical marks, acne scars, and other blemishes. Our laser technology perforates into the skin to stimulate the cells beneath the surface of the skin to produce collagen. Even though it works deep below the surface of the skin, our patent sapphire tip makes sure that the skin remains cool. The treatment is comfortable and effective and reveals smoother complexion after.


Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP ) therapy naturally rejuvenates your skin and is one of the most non-invasive treatments. It reduces the appearance of acne scars and open pores. It uses your own body’s palms ( part of blood ) rich in platelets to enhance your skin. They release growth factors which help in production of collagen to give you healthier and youthful skin. This treatment has no downtime and being a natural service, it has minimal side-effects.


An advance version of dermaroller as it combines the benefits of derma-roller and radiofrequency to tighten skin. With minimal downtime, it usually requires 4-6 sessions to see visible results.

Influennz Approach to Acne Scars 

  1. Evaluation of skin type and severity of acne
  2. Treat acne permanently to prevent recurrences
  3. Treat post acne scars for the best possible results

At Influennz, our AIIMS trained dermatologists draft customised solutions with synergistic combinations of medications and treatments. The medications prescribed by us take care of the root cause of your acne and best acne scar treatment in delhi provides quick relief from the acne and the acne scars to give you the smoother skin you dream of.

Pre & Post Treatment Care

As Influennz, we thoroughly understand the skin type and skin concerns of our patients before moving ahead with any treatment. After the consultation and some tests, our expert dermatologists suggest the perfect plan of action for you. 

Although the treatments are safe and suitable for most skin types, there might be slight discomfort after the treatment. Our experts will prescribe proper post-care guidelines.