body polishing

Are body polishing procedures effective? How long do the results last?

Body polishing is self-explanatory. It polishes your body to give it a smooth texture, provides shine and removes dead layers of skin such that there is instant glow of the skin. Consider this to be a facial for your body. Read this article to know everything about body polishing. Watch this video to know more about body polishing process.

What are the different types of body polishing?

Body polishing has been deeply embedded in our Indian culture even before we have thought of this term. From masoor dal to Multani mitti to coffee scrubs, our homemade “ubtans” have seen it all.

  • Home made “ubtan”: This is the OG body polishing concoction. The idea of these “ubtans” are to mix something grainy (like sugar, Epsom salt, coffee granules) with something moisturising (like cream/besan/milk/masoor dal). I think even our grannies knew that the perfect glass like skin is often the combination of hydration and exfoliation in harmony.

  • Scrubs: With the globalization in the beauty industry, our homemade “ubtans” have been replaced by packaged “scrubs”. There are walnut scrubs, coffee scrubs, seaweed scrubs, pomegranate and avocado scrubs filling the aisles of various beauty shops. They work on the concept of physical exfoliation such that gritty particles present in the scrub causes mechanical exfoliation of skin removing the dead and dull skin. The only downside of these products are abrasions due to over exfoliation.

  • Microdermabrasion or diamond polishing: Usually, a 7 star spa or a medical aesthetic clinic keep these advanced grade body polishing services which is done by a machine known as microdermabrasion. Here, a hand held device is connected to a vacuum that creates negative pressure and sucks out the dead layer of skin. Simultaneously, aluminium oxide crystals are released from the pump that further helps in exfoliation. A must have for all brides to be.

  • Chemical peels: Diamond polishing is limited to people with no body concerns. Diamond polishing only provides a glow by exfoliation. However, some of us have additional tan on the body or have dark elbows and knees which needs to be corrected. In such instances, chemical peels are required that removes the glue that binds these cells resulting in chemical exfoliation. A must have if you want to achieve advanced grade body polishing with long lasting results.

What are the key benefits of body polishing?

Not just your face, but your body also needs some tenderness, love and care from time to time. Body polishing does exactly that. Here are the key benefits of this procedure:

  • Exfoliation: It can be either physical exfoliation with the help of microdermabrasion or it is chemical exfoliation with the help of chemical peels

  • Detanning: Tanning is the result of excessive sun exposure which causes melanin deposition in the superficial layers of skin. Body polishing removes tan as well.

  • Smooth texture: Surface irregularities can be improved with regular sessions of body polishing.

  • Enhanced glow: Glow is achieved when light reflects on the smooth and shiny skin. Body polishing is known as “ polishing” because it actually makes your skin shine. So no need to apply umpteen layers of highlighter anymore.

  • Unclogs pores

  • Promote cell regeneration to encourage healthy skin

  • Promotes blood flow for detoxification and lymphatic drainage

What is the difference between body polishing and body scrubs?

Conventional body scrubs are quite different from body polishing. Body polishing is done via a machine while body scrubs are in the form of packaged paste or home-made ubtans which have to be applied manually. Since body polishing is done via a machine, it is more standardized and the intensity can be increased or decreased based on the thickness of skin. Therefore, when in doubt always opt for microdermabrasion over body scrubs.

What should you expect during your body polishing treatment?

Be mentally prepared to spend atleast an hour for your body polishing session because it’s a session to relax and pamper your body. It is better to wear home based clothes as you don’t want them to get soiled. 

  • On the day of your appointment, you will be asked to change into a disposable bathrobe at the start of the session.

  • The therapist will then thoroughly clean your entire body and will start the process of microdermabrasion. This is a completely comfortable step.

  • Based on the requirement, chemical peel is applied on dark areas of your body like inner thighs, bikini, elbows and knees. After a few minutes, it is removed.

  • This is followed by body pack application. At Influennz, this body pack and chemical peel is customised based on your needs and requirements. We have collagen packs for aging skin, papaya packs for acne prone skin and detan packs for tanned skin.

  • Once the body pack dries up, you are allowed to take a shower which removes the pack. The process is then completed with moisturisation and sun protection with massage at pressure points.


How long does the result last?

The results depend upon your activity level and degree of sun exposure. For most individuals, monthly or 2 monthly sessions are sufficient to maintain the results. Never go overboard with body polishing as it can otherwise cause redness, scratch marks and sensitive skin.

Why Choose body polishing at Influennz?

At Influennz, you can choose from a range of body polishing options like anti-cellulite polish, detan-polish and glow-enhancing polish and get the treatment customised. All this delivered in a luxurious environment. So what are you waiting for?

The bottom line

Body polishing is a great way to remove dead damaged layer of skin from the entire body and relax it at the same time. Regular sessions of body polishing can give you better skin clarity, enhanced glow and smooth surface. 

Considering body polishing options but don’t know what to choose and where to go? Call us on 8368778208 and let us help you out!