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Eyebrows that Last: Microblading Gives you Gorgeous, Permanent Brows

If you would deposit a penny each time you shape your eyebrows, I bet you will be a millionaire by now! Shaping your eyebrows each time you step out of the house can be a menace for sure. When there is a problem, there is a solution to it. Semi-permanent makeup has taken the beauty industry by surprise, thanks to the gorgeous pictures of eyebrows that are floating o Instagram and facebook!!!

So what exactly is semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows?

It is commonly known as microblading or “feather touch” or “microstroking”. It allows deposition of a non-reactive pigment in and around the eyebrows in a way that simulates eyebrow hair. Done with a specialised hand held tool with a blade attached at the end. This blade is of different shape and sizes and has a series of needles attached to it that superficially grazes on the skin surface depositing pigment at the same time. Don’t be scared with these “blades” and “needles’ as they don’t really penetrate the skin but rather delicately scratch the skin surface much like a paper cut.

But is microblading different from eyebrow tattooing?

Yes, of course the two are different, why else are they named differently! Below are the key differences:

  • Tattooing is permanent while microblading can last upto 1-3 years only.
  • Tattooing uses different pigment compared to the one used in microblading.
  • Tattoo pigment are placed deeper while microblading pigment is placed rather superficially so that your body eventually metabolises it. Hence, a touch up is required every 2- 3 years.
  • Microblading gives more subtle and natural appearance to the brows compared to tattooing which is opaque and bright.
  • Over time, the pigment on your brows will also lighten a shade or two from its original color, whereas a tattoo on your body can have a blue-green tint on the edges when it starts to fade.

What are the different kinds of semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows?

Semi-permanent makeup is no longer limited to microblading, it has evolved with time. There are various kinds of eyebrow SPMU like microblading, microshading and powdered or ombre’ eyebrows. While microblading is deposition of well defined strokes, microshading is subtle deposition of pigment diffusely all across the eyebrows. Often, the procedure of microblading and microshading is combined when it is known as powdered or ombre’ eyebrows. This is the most advanced form of semi-permanent makeup as it gives defined strokes of microblading at the start of brows which eventually fades to subtle and smudged look of microshading towards the tail end of brows.

What can go wrong with a microblading procedure?

We don’t want to scare you but few things can go wrong with a microblading procedure and you must be aware of it.

  • Asymmetrical eyebrows: This is more often a problem if there is lack of experience of tattoo artist. Also, you might have minor asymmetries of your eyebrows which can be pronounced post microblading.
  • Unnatural appearance: If not done properly, microblading can lead to unnatural appearance. Always inform your tattoo artist what do you want when it comes to microblading. A thorough understanding of your desires will help the tattoo artist give you the results you are aiming at.
  • Dissolution of pigment: This is related to the depth of pigment deposited. Too superficial placement of pigment leads to early dissolution due to removal of pigment along with the skin crust. Too deep deposition of pigment results in eating up of that pigment by macrophages. The ideal placement of tattoo pigment is in the upper layers of the skin (or papillary dermis).
  • Allergic reaction to tattoo pigment: If you are allergic to any components of the pigment, and you find this out post microblading, immediately consult a board certified dermatologist as they will help you with early resolution of this reaction with steroids and other anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Keloid or scarring: If you have keloidal tendency, never opt for any unnecessary invasive procedures like microblading.
  • Granulomatous reaction: This is a rare side effect. Consult your dermatologist if you develop this side-effect.
  • Infection: If there is any breech of asepsis, you might develop infection. So make sure you visit a centre that is reputed and is headed by a doctor to avoid such side-effects.

When should you not go for microblading?

Here are few contraindications of the procedure:

  • You are allergic to the pigment
  • You have active rash/pimples/infection near your brows
  • You have keloidal tendency
  • You have “super” sensitive skin
  • You are pregnant or breast feeding
  • You are on blood thinners/NSAIDS/Accutane 

What is the downside of microblading?

Microblading is currently trending. Current beauty standards preach thick and bushy eyebrows. Microblading is helping this trend. However, if you blindly follow “trends”, you can never be “trendy” enough. So, instead of opting for brows that enter the room before you do, opt for subtle and natural looking brows that goes along side your facial proportions.
Many a times I come across patients who are concerned of their droopy and sparse eyebrows. In such instances, brow lifts needs to be done. Brow lifts can be done surgically or non-surgically via thread lift, botox and dermal fillers. Whatever you choose as the final method of brow lift, you must always lift your brows first followed by brow tattooing.

Can microbladed eyebrows be undone/removed?

 It can happen that you might not like the results of your microblading. It’s always a good idea to wait for 2 weeks before actually disliking the final result as the pigment fades within 2 weeks to reveal the final shape and density of pigment. If you still do not like the result, you can either get it removed via pico laser shots or via pigment remover. Your dermatologist will guide you about the same.

What is the aftercare?

In order to get the best results, you must follow a proper aftercare instructions. These are:

FIRST 48 HOURS after the procedure

  • No intense workout
  • No water application


  • Use Cetaphil cleanser or any other gentle face cleanser twice daily
  • Use paraben free moisturiser twice daily
  • No makeup application
  • No sun exposure
  • Do not peel off skin
  • No facewash/soap application on the face for 7 days
  • No steam/sauna/swimming X 2 weeks
  • Waxing/threading after 6 weeks only

Why choose Influennz for microblading?

You don’t want to land up into a pickle by handing your precious face to a novice, do you? While microblading might look like a simple procedure superficially, there is lot of expertise required to create an eyebrow that is symmetrical, looks natural and is suited for your skin type. So choose your centre wisely! Be beautiful, be influential!