Hydraboost Facial

Today we are embracing the innovations in the beauty industry and the latest technology that gives you glowing and poreless skin in a single session. Influennz is excited to announce the launch of our exclusive facial – Hydraboost facial. This facial creates a water retaining sponge beneath your skin to absorb water every minute to provide intense hydration and glow to your face.


How does hydraboost facial works?

Hydraboost facial is a therapy for dry skin. As we age, we naturally lose the hyaluronic acid from our skin. Since we lose hyaluronic acid, we need a protein to retain the moisture in our skin. This treatment replenishes the lost moisture with skin boosters and other growth factors in different combinations as decided by our expert doctors.

What to expect during the treatment?

Since the treatment provides deep hydration to the skin, a numbing cream is applied 45 minutes prior to the treatment. After this step, the skin boosters and growth factors are delivered in the skin, the whole procedure takes 60-70 minutes. 

Pre and Post Treatment Care

You might experience some lumpiness because of the skin boosters                             

beneath the skin. All you have to do is increase your intake of water for the                                

week following the treatment to enjoy the maximum benefits.