Is Laser Tattoo Removal a Safe Procedure?

Nearly half of the population have at least a single tattoo that they flaunt at their best. Especially for the ink lovers, “tattoos are forever.” but since childhood, we have been walking along with the misconception that inking up is considered a lifelong decision.

As you must know that no one gets inked to get it removed, but no matter what plans you had, at some point which you once thought to be the greatest decision of all times might feel like a regret.

Good News is that Aesthetic treatments can do that too.

You can get your tattoo removed as if it would give you the feeling that it faded on its own. 

It won’t stick to you forever. Most likely, it is an outdated idea with the advanced treatments coming up.  

The laser tattoo removal in Delhi at Influennz Skin & Hair Clinic has your back. 

The reasons could be endless. Maybe you have to cover it up for a job you’re switching to or regret getting one in a specific area. 

How Does A Tattoo Removal Work?


Lasers are one of the most preferred and cost-effective options to consider to get your tattoo removed permanently compared to the other aesthetic treatments. 

The laser tattoo removal procedure is all about breaking the pigments of the ink of your tattoo with a high-intensity light beam that will extract your tattoo.

If you have got one with black ink, you can worry less as this colour absorbs the wavelength easily, making it the easiest colour to alter with lasers. The laser’s intensity and type may differ as per the pigment colour. 

Before the tattoo removal treatment, you will get a consultation, and the expert dermatologist Dr Geetika Srivastava will evaluate your tattoo and further suggest a particular process. 

The evaluation will be based on how darker your skin tone is, the age of the tattoo and the colour as well. 

During the tattoo removal process, you will be asked to wear a pair of protective eye shields, and a patch test will be performed on your skin to determine the intensity of the light, which is effective for the treatment.

Then the laser is passed through the top layers of the skin to alter the area where you have that body art. The tattoo pigment will absorb the laser pulses that are being passed, making them fake.

A tiny one might require a few pulses, while a larger one needs more to be removed. If your tattoo is slightly bigger or the strength of the tattoo is more, there are chances that it will take a few more sittings and will get lighter progressively.

Is tattoo removal Safe?

Apart from the other aesthetic treatments, What else can be better than lasers, whether it be a matter of safety or effectiveness? “Lasers have it all.”

And most of the lasers in the market are hardly painless. Other tattoo removal methods are excision and dermabrasion, but these do not alter the pigment in the tattoo as effectively as the way laser does. 

Laser tattoo removal in Delhi is the method that can break the pigment in ink without leaving any side effects on the skin. 

So, why not just settle for the safest option that is FDA approved. At influennz, we can proudly commit that none of our clients had any side effects such as redness or even a single blister in getting their tattoo removed.

Also, a gentle reminder, It’s not a Do It Yourself thing. It has to be performed under the guidance of an experienced dermatologist to prevent any damage to the skin. 

Common Side Effects Of Tattoo Removal

Having side effects after any treatment is quite normal, and if you are getting a treatment that has a direct impact on the skin, then yes, anyone can have the side effects of the treatment, maybe in the form of redness or any other. And it is completely normal as every one of us has a different skin type.

At Influennz, we offer a high level of safety and the necessary aftercare by the licensed and AIIMS certified dermatologist Dr Geetika Srivastava. Regardless of the tattoo removal method, we choose, finding a professional for this particular treatment is vital for safety and effectiveness.

Some of you might notice a few things in the treated area, like

  • Mild Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching 
  • Blistering

Pico Laser The Best Approach For Tattoo Removal

Pico laser is the most optimal approach for tattoo removal offered at Influennz. It has been found that this laser technology clears or removes your tattoo faster than the other methods in just nanoseconds. The other pigments like red, orange or yellow also can be targeted through pico laser with the most effective results. You can get clearer skin at maximum after two settings.

Though professional tattoos are more complex to treat as they require more treatment sessions than other tattoos, you will still be requiring a few in Pico laser.


However, to ensure getting the best possible tattoo removal in Delhi, you can rely on Influennz, where an expert dermatologist will treat you with the safest equipment types, followed by the right post-treatment care. Though there are other tattoo removal options, it’s your choice how you want your body art to be removed.

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