Pigmentation Treatment

Clear and spotless skin is something everyone desires.with many even seeking the best laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi. Some people are genetically blessed with good skin while some are not. Disciplined care is needed to make sure our skin is not affected by pollution, heat and other factors that lead to bad skin.

Skin Pigment aka Melanin is essential to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. Melanin is considered the most natural form of sunscreen for our body. This is one of the reasons why people with white skin get more skin burns. However, in darker skin types, tanning of the skin is a bigger concern than sunburn. Influennz has the

Best Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in Delhi


What is Hyperpigmentation?

The darkening of the skin is referred to as pigmentation. Hyperpigmentation means an increase in melanin at some parts of your face, which leads to uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone is a harmless and very common skin condition and comes under the broad category of hyperpigmentation. Chronic exposure to the sun is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation in South Asian people. Our clinic provides various Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in Delhi. Freckles and brown spots, often found in the nose bridge, cheekbones, etc are often harmless and are merely a cosmetic concern. 

Dominantly, there are two types of pigmentation: epidermal and dermal. Often hyperpigmentation is the umbrella term for all pigmentary disorders of the face like melasma, lichen planus pigmentosus, macular amyloidosis, pigmentary demarcation lines, and many more. Epidermal pigmentation resides in the most superficial layers of the skin and is often treated with creams, chemical peels, and lasers during the freckles treatment in Delhi. Freckles and a few variants of melasma come under this category. Dermal pigmentation is a deep and rigid form of pigmentation and usually does not respond to creams and chemical peels. Lasers are the only way to treat such a kind of pigmentation and especially the advanced treatment options in laser that is Q Switch laser and Picosure laser in Delhi.

At Influennz, we bring the best out of your skin with patented technologies, world-class lasers and cutting edge devices all delivered to you in a luxurious environment.

Pigmentation Treatments Available At Influennz

Spotless Peels

Q Switch Laser

Picosure Laser

Carbon Peel

Advanced PRP

BB Glow Facial

Best Laser Treatment For Pigmentation In Delhi
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What is Spotless Peels at Influennz?

Epidermal Pigmentation is found on the upper layers of skin. Spotless peels at Influennz aims at extracting the superficial layers of skin so that the pigments cell shed off leaving a clear and fairer skin. This is attained by a combination of chemical peels like mandelic acid, TCA, glycolic acid, retinol and resorcinol.

Clearly, a thorough knowledge of the various kinds of pigmentary concerns is required to diagnose and properly treat all your pigmentary concerns. At Influennz, under the keen observation of our AIIMS trained dermatologist, Dr Geetika Srivastava, all these problems are evaluated separately and treated as per the skin type and concern. Get the best laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi at our clinic only. 

What is Laser toning and Q Switch Laser?

Influennz suggests laser toning on hyperpigmentation. This technology involves low energy shots of Q switch the laser at high frequency.  Multiple passes of low energy shots are delivered that destroys skin pigment.

Q switch can do it all, whether it’s an internal pigmentation in the form of freckles or tanning and uneven skin tone, or external in the form of tattoos.  Once pigment cells absorb laser energy, they are broken down by cells present in our body making skin look brighter and fairer.

What is Picosure Laser?

The newest form of laser technology for hyperpigmentation is Picosure Laser. In this mode of treatment lesser number of sessions are required and even stubborn and resistant pigmentation can be targetted easily. This is because pico lasers break the pigment particles into smaller fragments which can then easily be digested by the body leading to faster resolution of pigmentation.

We feel proud to possess this one of a kind

picosure laser in delhi

at Influennz Skin & Hair Clinic.

What is Carbon Peel?

Carbon Laser Facial is a painless procedure that helps you rejuvenate the appearance of ageing, damaged and dull skin. It usually sheds the top layer of the skin leaving an amazing glow with vibrant youthful skin. This procedure is extremely gentle and safe on all skin types. It’s perfect for a quick skin refreshment as compared to other longer procedures. It aims in reducing the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and acne scars. We feel proud to possess this one of a kind laser at Influennz.

What is Advanced PRP for hyperpigmentation?

Advanced platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is performed by a special PRP kit and is one of the safest and non-invasive services that can rejuvenate your appearance by minimizing pigment macules on the face. It uses one’s own plasma that is rich in platelets to naturally rejuvenate your skin. We feel proud to possess this one of a kind laser at Influennz.

What is BB Glow facial?

BB Glow is a combination of powerful tinted serum is carried out using the Microneedling method. It is an intensive skin treatment that uses a rapid micro-needling pen to penetrate the first layers of the skin.

Can You Expect Anything After One Treatment?

Clarity and improvement in skin tone can be seen after the first session itself. However, patients with severe to moderate melasma may require 3 to 6 treatments in the intervals of 3-4 weeks apart to gain optimal results. You’ll have to visit the clinic for a medical examination that will determine how many sittings do you require.

Influennz’s motto is to deliver the results with a hospitable experience. Look and feel beautiful and influential inside, out with us through the best laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi at Influennz.