Laser hair removal in delhi

Shave,Wax or Lasers? Pick the Method that’s Right for you

Hair, as a part of the human body, has seen plenty of evolutionary changes since the neolithic era. God gifted us hair as a protective measure against extremes of temperature. But as the evolution of humans happened, hair has now mostly become a symbol of beauty where long, thick and healthy hair on the scalp are dreamt of. Paradoxically, where one wants a bunch of hair on the head, body hair is a sign of lack of hygiene, sexuality and femininity at times. But this trend of body hair removal is not quite recent. It has been practiced for cultural, sexual, medical or religious reasons in almost every human culture since ages. However, the method of hair removal varied from place to place. Harper’s Bazaar, in 1915, was the first women’s fashion magazine to run a campaign devoted to the removal of underarm hair as “a necessity”. Shortly after, Gillette launched the first safety razor marketed specifically for women—the “Milady Décolleté Gillette”, one that solves “ embarrassing personal problem” and to keep the underarm “..white and smooth”. The hair removal industry has not looked back since then.

What are the different hair removal methods available?

Hair removal methods can be divided into two categories: 

1) depilation, which involves removing the hair shaft and includes shaving and chemical depilatories, and 

2) epilation, which involves removing the hair shaft, follicle, and bulb, and includes plucking, threading, waxing, sugaring, lasers, intense pulsed light system, electrolysis, and photodynamic therapy.

Depilation only removes the part of hair visible to naked eye. Epilation removes the entire hair, including the one below skin surface.

Since depilation is only superficial, the results lasts upto hours or days. Epilation can last upto days or weeks.

Permanent hair removal

Electrolysis is the passage of electric current through the hair resulting in permanent hair removal. It is a US FDA approved method of permanent hair removal and can remove both white and black hair. However, there is a significant risk of scarring associated with this method of permanent hair removal.

Permanent hair reduction

Laser hair removal is the single most popular method of hair reduction which is also permanent. The various lasers that has been tried for permanent hair reduction includes:

  • Diode laser: With a wavelength ranging between 808 nm-810 nm, this laser is the safest for Indian skin type. This laser not only works for black hair but is least likely to cause burn in darker skin type.
  • Alexandrite laser: With a wavelength of 755 nm, Alexandrite laser works on fine and blonde hair, usually recommended for Caucasian population.
  • Long pulse Nd-Yag laser: This has the longest wavelength of 1064 nm and is considered safest amongst all the subtype of lasers used for laser hair reduction. However, it is not as effective in terms of results for the Indian population as compared to a diode laser.
  • IPL: IPL stands for intense pulse light. This is not a laser in true sense. It has a wavelength ranging from 500-1200 nm and it can be used for a variety of concerns like hair removal, pigmentation treatment, rosacea and skin rejuvenation. Because of the broad spectrum usage of this machine, the results are inferior and are likely to cause paradoxical hypertrichosis.
  • Triple wavelength laser: Made popular by companies such as ALMA, triple wavelength is currently a rage in the aesthetic industry. This laser has a combination of 1064 nm, 755 nm and 810 nm wavelength laser and provides a holistic result for fine, blonde hair, dark thick and black coarse hair as well. Whether this is just a marketing gimmick or has some truth to it, only time will tell.

What are the pros and cons of different hair removal methods?


  • Pros: A very cost effective and easily available method of hair removal. Not very time consuming too. Since it completely removes hair from its shaft as well as bulb, the results can last for weeks to months.
  • Cons: Hot waxing can cause burns or even scalds by untrained professionals. Ingrown hair is quite common after waxing in sensitive skin.


  • Pros: Can be done at home too. A quick last minute resort for hair removal before any social event.
  • Cons: Can cause cuts and scratches or even ingrown hair. Results are short lived (hours to days) and temporary.

Hair removal creams

Pros: A quick method of hair removal. Can be done at home.

  • Cons: Can cause contact dermatitis in sensitized individuals. Since these creams break the sulphur bonds between hair shafts, keeping this for long can cause skin burns. A test patch must be done before using this. Usually recommended for small body parts. Impossible to remove hair from inaccessible part of the body like back or buttocks.


  • Pros: Only US FDA approved permanent method of hair removal. Only method to work on white/grey hair permanently.
  • Cons: Can cause scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. High level of expertise required for this procedure.

Laser hair removal

  • Pros: Painless, permanent and safe method of hair reduction. US FDA approved.
  • Cons: Costlier as compared to other methods of hair removal. High level of skill and knowledge required and cannot be done by untrained professionals and quacks.

Why is laser hair reduction so popular?

Gen Z is the future of India and fortunately or unfortunately, the younger generation is influenced by social media influencers and bollywood celebrities all endorsing smooth, hairless skin. Apart from the peer pressure to fit in, there is also some comfort associated with laser hair reduction. Usually after 6 to 8 sessions of laser hair reduction, there is permanent decrease in hair growth and hair density. The hair growth is delayed too. So no last minute run to a beauty salon for waxing or shaving. This makes your life a lot easier and low maintenance too.

Whether to remove body hair or not is a complete personal choice. But if you do want to undergo hair removal, laser hair reduction is the safest and most effective way of permanent results that lasts a lifetime. However, it does not work on white hair.

Electrolysis is the only method of white hair removal but has a high chance of scarring and hyperpigmentation. Waxing, shaving and hair removal creams all works well but are temporary methods. Results of temporary methods can last anywhere between days to weeks. Waxing can cause pseudofolliculitis or ingrown hair in susceptible individuals and even burn by untrained professionals. Hair removal creams are notorious to cause dermatitis and skin darkening. So make an informed decision for hair removal and Be beautiful, Be influential!