A good hair day is directly proportional to a good mood day. Imagine if a bad hair day turns our smile upside down, how would you feel to deal with a serious hair fall?

A lot of factors like genetics and chemicals cause our hair to fall. So how would you deal with this dreadful problem? Medications? Natural Therapies? Well, At Influennz we offer Stem cell therapy to fight off the issues of hair thinning and hair fall.


What are stem cells?

A stem cell is a cell that has the power to renew itself. It is a self sustaining cell and it has the power to birth an entire organism. They can range from the brain to muscles. In some cases, they are also known to treat genetic diseases. 

What is stem cell therapy for hair?

The stem cell therapy is somewhat similar to the conventional hair transplant treatment. For the therapy, the concept of stem cells for hair rejuvenation. We use slightly differentiated forms of stem cells like adipocyte derived stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells can be catalogued from any adult and then injected locally in the scalp to promote hair growth.

How is it done?

3-4 punch biopsies samples are obtained from the less visible parts of the scalp. These samples are rich in portions of fat, skin, blood vessels, and mesenchyme. The samples are then rotated in a centrifugation machine to separate the stem cells from the collected tissue samples. The stem cells obtained after the centrifugation process are either adipocyte stem cells, undifferentiated stem cells, or mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells are finally collected in a tube ready to be injected into the scalp similar to the process of plasmalift.

Pre and post treatment care

The after care of stem cell therapy is similar to hair PRP Therapy.

  • You should avoid shampooing your hair for at least 24 hours.
  • In case of persistent pain, take pain killers.
  • You should avoid driving immediately after Hair PRP treatment.
  • You should consult with our expert dermatologists to plan future sessions as per their recommendation.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy over Hair PRP treatment

Hair PRP treatment has a few limitations like –

  • Hair PRP doesn’t work on bald scalp, it doesn’t work if there are no hair roots to start with.
  • It helps to thicken the existing hair, so it doesn’t cause the growth of new hair
  • Maintenance sessions of hair PRP are required if you don’t want to take medicines to treat hair fall.
  • More number of sessions are required for Hair PRP to see visible results, upto 4 to 6 sessions are required. 

These drawbacks have been taken care of with the help of stem cell therapy.

  • Stem cell Therapy uses Progenra which not only thickens the existing hair but also promotes regrowth of hair. Therefore, it improves both hair volume as well as hair density. 
  • Patients who have lack of time, opt for Stem cell therapy as you can see visible results in a single session as compared to the multiple maintenance sessions every month for Hair PRP

Who SHOULD NOT get stem cell therapy?

  • If you are recovering from viral diseases like dengue and chikungunya, you should avoid undergoing any invasive procedure because of lower immunity. 
  • If you are on blood thinners or anti platelet drugs, you should not opt for Stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy can be used in combination with hair transplantation as well:

  • Stem cells are injected into the recipient area of the scalp prior to or just after implantation of grafts. This helps in better survival of the grafts.
  • Stem cells are injected at and around the donor strip excision line, in follicular unit transplantation (FUT), to minimize bleeding, stimulate wound healing and reduce scarring.

SAFETY of Stem cell therapy

  • The stem cells are derived from our own tissue and thus it is safe from the risk of transmission of infections like hepatitis-B, C, or HIV. 
  • The stem cells are safe during pregnancy and lactation. 
  • Adverse effects are limited to local injection sites like inflammation, pain, or secondary infections.

Treatment highlights

  • Session duration: 30 minutes
  • Sessions required: 1 every year
  • Recovery time: Immediate
  • Results in: 3 months
  • Results lasts upto a year