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The Best Possible Ways To Treat Skin Pigmentation

Do you know the term Pigmentation or Hyperpigmentation is usually used for the dark spots in the upper layer of the skin? Skin tone or skin color has a significant role in social acceptance. Skin of color are often referred to as “brown people” which leads to insecurity and differentiation even at work environment. Similarly, any dark spots on the skin causing hyperpigmentation could lead to an emotional outburst. Not just that, even hypopigmentation or loss of skin tone is not acceptable. That is why people with vitiligo patches are at the receiving end of social stigma.

You might have thought about how come we have such variation in skin colour?

The reason behind skin color is the presence of skin pigment called melanin, which gives all of us distinct skin colours that we usually have. This pigment stays inside the melanocytes of our skin in the most superficial epidermal layer of the skin to form epidermal melanin unit. The intensity and type of melanin determines the variation in skin color.

There are many factors responsible for the pigmentation, for example, it may be due to the Sun’s UV rays, and when it comes to women, most commonly, the pigmentation can be hormonal. But majorly, the difference in the amount of melanin present at some parts, causes uneven skin tone .

There can be several reasons behind pigmentation, but people believe that this uneven skin tone needs no treatment or that there’s no such treatment. The fact is that sometimes pigmentation can lighten up with time but not that much that it goes out of sight, also affecting your overall look. You can go for various types of laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi if you’re looking forward to getting rid of the discolouration.

Hyperpigmentation needs treatment, whether topical creams with active ingredients or laser treatments. Both can be proven to be best, but laser remains the most effective and instant result-driven treatment for pigmentation. There are two types of pigmentation, namely epidermal and dermal pigmentation. Usually, dermal pigmentation is the one which is the most rigid form of pigmentation that you can’t treat with creams or any other method. You can only treat dermal pigmentation with a laser. The other type is not that rigid, which is epidermal pigmentation. It is in the topmost layer of your skin and can be treated by creams, chemical peels and laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi.

The basic knowledge of various pigmentary concerns is required to diagnose and treat all your pigmentary concerns. At Influennz, all these problems are evaluated separately and treated according to skin type and concern under the keen observation of the most renowned dermatologist, Dr Geetika Srivastava. You can get the best laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi at the most affordable prices.

Here are some treatments you can get at Influennz Skin & Hair Clinic for pigmentation that we have compiled for you in this blog:

  • Microdermabrasion

You can go for this treatment when you are having an epidermal pigmentation, as microdermabrasion treatment gently removes the topmost layer of the skin. This procedure is minimally invasive and used to renew overall skin tone and texture, exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin at its best. The type of the treatment is decided as per the skin type and after consulting a dermatologist at times.

  • Chemical Peels

Some of the tough spots that usually irritate can be treated through chemical peels, providing faster and better results by reducing pigmentation by removing the epidermis. These are also called spotless peels attained by chemical peels like mandelic acid, TCA, glycolic acid, retinol and resorcinol. In-office chemical peels may also increase the risk of side effects and give scars or blisters. Once you are done with your chemical peel session at your dermatologist, you must take extra precautions further just in case to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

  • PicoSure Laser Technology

Pico laser technology is best for targeting stubborn spots and resistant pigmentation. In this technology, direct penetration of the lasers into the skin to treat hyperpigmented areas takes place with a lesser number of sessions as compared to that of other treatments. Lastly, giving you flawless and even-toned skin.

  • Q Switched Laser

At Influennz, we highly recommend it to one who has extreme or severe pigmentation. Q switched laser treatment can do everything from treating your pigmentation to tanning, giving you the desired look. The high-frequency laser breaks the pigment spots, followed by their breakdown by our skin cells, leaving clearer and brighter skin.

You can observe the improvement in your skin tone after the first session itself. However, severe to moderate melasma patients may require 3 to 6 treatments in a 3-4 weeks gap to get the best results. We also consult you on how many more sittings you will require in a regular medical examination performed at the clinic.

Though these treatments might confuse you about which one to settle for, you don’t need to worry about that too cause at Influennz, customised treatment and a perfect hospitable experience are provided by the best dermatologist keeping your skin type a concern.

Apart from the overhyped trends, your skin deserves good skincare, and it’s essential to protect your skin from further sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

-You must wear your sunscreen every day.

-You should apply sunscreen every morning as you step out and reapply as needed throughout the day.

-Be sure to use sunscreen with SPF 50+ and especially medicated

-You can talk to us regarding which sunscreen suits the best with your skin type.

Influennz is here for you to deliver the best results and make you feel beautiful and influential inside out with our most trusted and best laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi.

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