Underarm Darkening

Your underarm skin should be the same shade as the rest of your body. But sometimes, your armpits can turn dark. Dark armpits isn’t a sign of anything significant, but some people might find them embarrassing, especially while wearing a sleeveless outfit.

Causes of Underarm Darkening: 

  • Contact dermatitis
  • Perfume allergies
  • Friction due to tight clothing
  • Shaving it and not moisturizing it properly
  • Accumulation of dead skin
  • Bacterial infections, due to excessive sweating
  • Smoking
  • Acanthosis nigricans
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Some antiperspirants or natural deodorants may set off eczema, which can lead to hyperpigmentation. As the underarms is a sensitive area, friction caused by certain clothes can also cause discolouration. Regular shaving can also lead to skin hardening and irritation and armpit darkening. If you think waxing is the next alternative, think again. Waxing causes the removal of thin layers of skin which is more susceptible to infection and irritation.Deep cleansing is essential to get rid of dead skin cells around the underarm area as it can be one of the reasons for dark underarm areas.


Want to rock a sleeveless outfit but you are scared your dark underarm will ruin them? Instead of using all those expensive products on a trial and error basis, you can always go for these tried and tested procedures at Influennz Skin and Hair Clinic and get rid of those dark underarms. 

Underarm darkening treatments at Influennz

  • Chemical Peels
  • Instabrite Laser
  • Cosmo Peels
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What are Chemical Peels?

Our skin is composed of 25-30 layers of skin cells out of which the topmost layer contains all the dead skin cells and pollution tends to sit on our skin. This is the reason for dullness, discolouration or uneven texture. Chemical peels can get rid of the superficial dead skin cells, restoring glow and also correcting skin. 

What is Instabrite Laser?

This procedure makes our skin look brighter and fairer. The pigment cells absorb energy and then are broken down by cells present in our body. There are 2 types of laser dedicated to melasma. The first one is Q Switch laser and the other one is a more advanced Pico Laser. 

Influennz is proud to be the only clinic to have Pico Laser in town. 

One requires up to 4-6 sessions of Instabrite Laser to get visible results. Maintenance is required every month. You might feel a pricking sensation during lasing but the procedure is completely painless. This procedure is also part of Triple Crown Facial, an exclusive treatment designed and patented by Influennz where 3 different procedures are combined together, hence the name triple crown facial.

What is Cosmo Peels?

In a few conditions, the underarm darkening is not due to melanin but due to heaps of thickened skin that gives the skin a velvety texture. Cosmo Peels works best in this scenario. It is a medium depth chemical peel used for dark parts of the body mainly. This acid goes deep into the skin removing the dermis from the body. It can also be used in diminishing skin freckles and other pigmentation irregularities, as well as pre-cancerous changes in the skin. 

Immediately after the peel, the skin is reddish (like sunburnt) and feels incredibly tight. Because of the depth of the peel, a recovery period is necessary. Intense moisturization and sunblock are required in the entire procedure. 

When to see your doctor?

Although dark underarms are mostly harmless, getting those checked by your dermatologist is not harmful. Especially, if you have certain conditions like diabetes or an underactive thyroid gland. Treating the condition that caused it will automatically make the dark skin fade.