Your Pre & Post Treatment Guide to Face Lifting

As many overhyped skincare trends are getting popular and hardly have any worth, some trends have proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and dull and sagging skin.

You might be one of them googling for a key phrase that says, “Treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.”

So, let me tell you, you’re not alone in this.

As everyone is now looking for a non-invasive treatment that can target various signs of ageing and treat other skin problems, it is no wonder that a non-invasive procedure is more affordable than surgical ones. It would hardly take time to recover as you can get back to your daily routine right after your session.

You can find many options lined up that fall into surgical cosmetic procedures. Apart from those surgical face lifting options, Influennz’s face lifting treatment in Delhi, a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, is likely to give you the same dramatic results and can target various signs such as lost facial volume and improve skin texture and tone. Those anti-ageing signs, such as deep creases and wrinkles, can also be treated. 

In this blog, you’ll not just find the regular introductory post, but it will include all the pre and post-treatment care for a non-surgical face lift that you need to take care of.

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift All About?

A non-surgical face lifting treatment in Delhi, apart from traditional surgical methods, is all about using dermal fillers in your skin to give your skin that plump up. It is poles apart from the surgical facelift as it doesn’t involve any cutting.

The only goal behind this liquid face lifting is to reduce the sagging and wrinkles on your skin. 

The other wonder that it can do to your face are:

  • Plump up lips
  • Treat under-eye hollow areas by adding volume 
  • Fill up your cheeks 
  • Tighten your facial wrinkles
  • Reduce your scars

Everyone knows that you can’t prevent the inevitable signs of ageing. It is natural.

Or, if you’re among the ones blessed with genes that are keeping you looking youthful as the days pass, you must have secret skin care that treats the signs of ageing because none of us can reverse ageing. 

A non-surgical face lifting treatment in Delhi at Influennz skin & hair clinic can address all your skin concerns.

Let’s get into unveiling the steps you need to follow when preparing for a liquid facelift and what all post-treatment care you must take into concern.


Pre Preparation for a Liquid Facelift Session

If you have made up your mind after giving it a thought after being sceptical for a long time, well, that’s perfect, as this one was the toughest call.

Though there isn’t a lot that you need to take care of before going for a facelift session, you need to do a little preparation before the session and make sure that you don’t have any of these on the procedure day to get the most out of this facelift.

  • Don’t put on any makeup for the session
  • Must not have sunburn
  • Any skin infection or facial wound

You must avoid these things two or three days before the facelift procedure:

  • Alcohol
  • Any anti-inflammatory drug 
  • Avoid taking pain killers like aspirin

Make sure you get enough rest the day before the treatment to feel relaxed and prepared enough at the procedure time.

If you have any doubts, you can have a word with your dermatologist before the session to be on the safer side and ask if there is anything else you need to be careful about if you have sensitive skin or other skin problems.

Post Treatment Care That You Need After Face lifting Session

Don’t be in any doubt that you’ll need time off from work after a liquid facelift. You can get back to your daily schedule right after the treatment. 

To be transparent enough, you will feel no such discomfort after the session. There can be bruising and swelling in rare cases.  

Although at Influennz, high safety and standards are maintained, followed by examining your requirements, the best possible solutions are being suggested and performed under the guidance of Dr Geetika Srivastava, an AIIMS certified dermatologist.

Here are some precautions that you need to consider to flaunt your new look without dealing with the side effects.

  • Avoid activities that require a great effort for the first 24 hours, as this will directly increase your heart rate, and that can increase the chances of swelling & bruising.
  •  Avoid going to a spa, which can accumulate more blood on your face and cause bruising.
  • Avoid stepping out in the sun, as skin is sensitive after the treatment or uses a sun protection cream to protect your skin.
  • It may be advised to use ice on the injected area to prevent swelling but make sure you do it carefully without applying too much pressure on the skin.
  • Please don’t touch your face or massage for at least two to three days unless the dermatologist specifies it.

Other than the pointers mentioned above, you will be getting a set of instructions that you need to follow to get the desired results. 

Wrapping It Up

As you have seen, there are other options rather than a liquid facelift that are mostly surgical, so it’s better to settle for a non-invasive medical procedure. At Influennz, we offer the best face lifting treatment in Delhi under the expert guidance of Dr Geetika Srivasatava, who truly understands what the patients need and suggests the best treatments as per their concerns. Also, you can clear all your treatment-related queries before going for treatment.

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