What Is Carbon Peel?

Carbon Laser Facial is a painless procedure that helps you rejuvenate the appearance of ageing, damaged and dull skin. It usually sheds the top layer of the skin leaving an amazing glow with vibrant youthful skin. This procedure is extremely gentle and safe on all skin types. It’s perfect for a quick skin refreshment as compared to other longer procedures. It aims in reducing the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and acne scars. We feel proud to possess this one of a kind laser at Influennz.

 Carbon peel treatment in Delhi

We have all seen popular celebrities like Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian try out the Desse Pro LED Mask, now you too have the chance to try out the best technology as it makes its way to Influennz, Delhi.

Benefits of Carbon Peel

  • Reduces Inflammatory acne
  • Cinches open pores
  • Reduce excessive oily skin
  • Micro-exfoliation removes dull looking skin
  • Improves uneven skin tone and tanning
  • Freckles, melasma and sun spots

Treatment cost of Carbon Peel

Carbon peel is a 2 step process which utilizes quasi mode of pico or q switch laser to penetrate the carbon suspension deeper into the oil glands. This is followed by dispersion of carbon particles which in turn mattifies the skin,cinches open pores and gives better skin clarity.
The cost of carbon peel depends upon the machine used, the geographical location and the skill of the treating physician or trained nurse.
Usually a single session of carbon peel can cost around 8000 to 25000 INR across various centers in India.

Carbon peel treatment in Delhi

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