We’ve all been there– spending countless hours and money on those makeup products only to have them slide off your face a few hours later. Microblading is a semi-permanent form of brow tattooing. If you’re tired of constantly filling your eyebrows with a brow pencil, then wait no more. At Influennz, with the help of the Microblading technique, can make your eyebrows the way you want them to be. Instead of a tattoo gun, Microblading uses teeny tiny needles that manually draws delicate hair strokes while also depositing pigment under your skin.

Microblading in Delhi

What Is Microblading And How Is It Different To Micro-Shading?

The names might sound similar, but Microblading and micro-shading are totally different concepts. Both are forms of semi-permanent make-up for eyebrows but have subtle but important differences. Micro-blading is super precise whereas micro shading has a much softer finish. It is like using a brow pencil compared to a brow powder. Microblading tattoos are hair-like strokes in your existing brows, micro shading tattoos tiny dots on your brows for a less defined finish.

What Are The Types Of Microblading Techniques At Influennz?

At Influennz, we offer 3 different types of techniques:

  • Micro-shading: This is the most primitive type of brow tattooing. It is simply filling up your brow, mostly, resulting in the one when you fill your brows using a kohl pencil.
  • Microblading: This is the most popular type of brow tattooing. In this hair-like strokes are created using teeny-tiny needles. This gives an impression of fuller brows.
  • Ombre or Powder Brows: This is an exclusive form of brow tattooing found only at Influennz. This technique uses both micro-shading and Microblading, to give luscious, dense and natural-looking brows.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Microblading?

Our specialist can create the appearance of naturally full brows on any skin tone with any shade range. Also, if you lost your brows due to alopecia or hypothyroidism, you can still opt for our treatment. Microblading is slowly replacing brow pencils just like laser hair removal has replaced waxing altogether.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading usually lasts 6 months to 12 months depending upon your skin type, but clients are recommended to go for a touch-up after four weeks. After those four weeks, one won’t require to get another one for 12 months.

Can Microbladed Eyebrows Be Undone/Removed?

Yes, you can remove the pigment, as it does not leave any scar or discolouration behind. `the brows will also be in 40% darker shade for the next 7-10 days, also known as the healing process where scabs can form and flake off. If you still don’t like the final results of Microblading, the colours can be reversed using a few laser shots.

How To Prepare For A Microblading Procedure?

  • Do not consume any herbal medicine or green tea a week before your appointment
  • Do not consume any painkillers or blood thinners. If consumed please inform your doctor beforehand.
  • Do not pluck your eyebrows 72 hours prior to your appointment
  • No exfoliation 72 hours prior to your appointment

What Happens During A Microblading Appointment?

  • Numbing cream is applied for 45 minutes
  • After the removal of the cream, brow shaped is designed and approved by the client
  • The process of Microblading begins, and it usually takes 30-45 minutes to complete both eyebrows.
  • Depending upon the pigment intensity required, Microblading can be followed up by micro shading as well.
  • Finally, a soothing gel is applied to reduce redness and swelling

How Long Does Microblading Take To Heal?

  • Microblading usually takes 10-15 days to heal as the pigment settles into shape. During this process, your skin can be very sensitive. The skin on the eyebrows will scab and flake off.
  • While your eyebrows are healing don’t scratch or pick the area. This could infect your skin and trap germs. Picking at your brows can also fade the colours more quickly.
  • During this healing period, you should avoid all forms of moisture on your brows. This also includes excessive sweating and getting wet in swimming pools etc.

Microblading Aftercare:

  • Do not use makeup for 24 hours post-treatment
  • Do not use any exfoliation products for at least 10 days post-treatment
  • Do not get your brows all sweaty or wet for the first week after the session. It’s recommended to cover your brows with ointment first to protect the pigment and keep the cuts clean
  • Do not scratch or pick your brows.

Why Choose Influennz For Your Microblading?

  • The procedure is carefully performed by AIIMS certified doctor
  • More than 100 results were derived from various patients
  • Uses Biologically inert pigment which is US FDA approved for Microblading
  • Guaranteed natural and long-lasting results

Microblading in Delhi

Looking for the best clinic for Microblading in Delhi?
We are experts in the field of Microblading and can help you achieve the perfect look. At Influennz clinic, we offer Microblading services by qualified professionals. Our team will work with you to create the perfect shape for your eyebrows and ensure that you are happy with the results. We also offer aftercare services to help keep your eyebrows looking their best.
If you are interested in learning more about Microblading or would like to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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