Wrinkle Relaxers

To diminish fine lines and wrinkles, you can opt for botulinum toxin therapy. No topical creams and medicines work on reducing wrinkles.The Botulinum is obtained from the bacteria C. Botulinum is found in a lot of natural settings like lakes, soil, and intestinal tracts of fishes and mammals. It helps to put a stop to wrinkles by relaxing the muscles so they don’t contract. They block some chemical signals from the brain to temporarily relax facial muscles causing the wrinkles and fine lines. After the treatment., your skin appears unwrinkled and smooth allowing your facial expressions remain unaffected.

wrinkle relaxer treatment in Delhi

Where Can You Get Done -

People request to get injections in the following areas of the face –

  • Frown lines and glabellar lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Horizontal creases on forehead
  • Lines appearing at the corners of mouth
  • Cobblestone skin at the chin area
  • For open pores and glow
  • At the jawline to contour it ( masseter hypertrophy )
  • Nefertiti neck lift

What is the right age to get done?

There is no right or wrong age to get done. Anyone willing to undergo wrinkles treatment can opt after the age of 18 years. While some factors that predispose for early wrinkles on the face include genetics, smoking and sun exposure, regular treatments are not just therapeutic for wrinkles but they are also preventive in terms of formation of static wrinkles.

Will i look natural after?

A common concern for every client getting for the first time is whether I will look plastic or not. The remedy for you is SOFT. A treatment pioneered by Dr Geetika Srivastava at Influennz, Soft uses lesser and more diluted units to preserve facial expressions. This is commonly used by celebrities, TV actors and journalists to preserve facial expressions. For more details, watch this video:

Pre And Post Treatment Care

Before moving forward with wrinkle relaxers, our dermatologists conduct a personal consultation to thoroughly understand if you are the right candidate for the treatment. During the treatment, a numbing topical cream is applied 45 minutes prior to the treatment and there is no downtime or side effects to it. It doesn’t require local anesthetic or sedation and you can go back to normal activities immediately. There might be temporary bruising at the treatment site which can easily be covered up with makeup. To prevent the substance injected to your skin from spreading to unwanted areas, there are a few precautions that must be taken –

  • Wait for 4 hours before engaging in any tiring physical activity
  • Don’t lie down for at least 3 hours after the treatment
  • Avoid facial massages or salon treatments for a week

Wrinkle relaxer treatment in Delhi

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