Neck lines treatment

It’s finally happened. You have started looking like your grandma but not in the classy epitome of beauty you would want to be but due to the saggy,wobbly jawline and neck which is now an inherent part of your face. If necklines and aged neck are bothering you, you are at the right place cause it is now possible to treat neck lines and turkey neck.

Neck lines are normally present in many people. The problem arises when these neck lines become exaggerated and look wobbly, unhealthy and haggard. Neck skin is unusually thin, has less fat pads and becomes prematurely aged due to neglect, sun exposure, posture and gravity. The charm of a beautiful face can be masked with a shabby, wrinkly and aged neck, after all face and neck come hand in hand.

What are the causes of neck lines?

A turkey neck is the result of either damage to the skin, fat or muscle or a combination of all three. Turkey neck refers to the saggy and wrinkled neck that develops with ageing.The causes of turkey neck and tech neck lines include:

  • Aging
  • Weight gain
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking and unhealthy diet
  • Weak neck muscles(platysma)
  • Posture leading to tech-neck lines

Treatments available to treat neck lines

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