Aqua Fairness Facial

Influennz’s aqua-fairness facial uses trademark “jet peel” technology to exfoliate the skin using a jet of microdroplets of oxygen which helps in deeper delivery of skin infusions. After its introduction in 2019, the aqua-fairness facial has revolutionised the facial industry. Celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Demi-Moore and Uma Thurman are a fan of this facial.

Aqua Fairness Facial in Delhi

How does Aqua-fairness facial works?

Unlike a chemical peel, jet peel exfoliates biologically and imparts oxygen in the deeper layer of the skin. The oxyjet machine has compressed air that accelerates the kinetic energy of microsized droplets of solution inside the machine. This solution is a mix of saline AHAs and BHAs which helps in exfoliation of the skin.

Aqua-fairness versus microdermabrasion

While microdermabrasion uses suction force to exfoliate the superficial most part of the skin epidermis, Aqua-fairness facial can go deeper due to the specialised “jet-peel” technology and hence improves fine lines and wrinkles too.

Aqua-fairness versus microdermabrasion

It will be convenient to say that both these treatments utilise the power of water to rejuvenate the skin. While hydrafacial uses a suction device to remove the “gunk” off your face, aqua-fairness facial exfoliates the skin using “jet peel” technology which is not in direct contact with the skin.

However, there are no studies recommending one is better or the other.

Benefits of Aqua-fairness facial

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Radiant skin
  • Better skin tone
  • Cinched pores
  • Improved fine lines and wrinkles

Aqua Fairness Facial in Delhi

Experience the luxurious Aqua Fairness Facial in Delhi at Influennz Clinic.Our skilled team of estheticians is dedicated to providing you with a remarkable skincare experience. The Aqua Fairness Facial is a cutting-edge treatment that combines the benefits of aqua-based products and advanced techniques to enhance your skin's fairness and radiance. Using gentle yet effective methods, this facial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes your skin, promoting a healthy and even complexion. Relax in our serene environment as we pamper you with personalized care, leaving your skin rejuvenated, revitalized, and glowing. Visit Influennz Clinic today and indulge in the ultimate Aqua Fairness Facial experience.

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