Bikini pigmentation

Bikini pigmentation is normal. Period!. There are many parts of our body that have increased pigmentation under the influence of hormones and areola and bikini area in women is one such area where melanin production is more than usual under the influence of sex hormones.

Causes of Bikini pigmentation

  • Genetics
  • Dark skin tone
  • Ingrown hair
  • Razor burn
  • Friction and chaffing
  • Tight synthetic undergarments
  • Hair removal method like creams
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Physiological states like pregnancy
  • Exfoliation methods

Treatments available at Influennz for Bikini pigmentation

  • Chemical peels : Peels can cause slow exfoliation of the skin thereby lightening it in every session. Special precautions have to be taken for the bikini area as we can do a certain type of peel only owing to the sensitive nature of this area.
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  • Q switch laser : Q switch and pico laser will work on any kind of pigmentation.
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  • Laser hair removal : Often the precipitating factor for bikini pigmentation is related to hair removal methods. For eg, hair removal creams can cause contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals. Razor can cause ingrown hair and hence pigmentation. Laser hair removal can permanently target hair roots present on the bikini area and therefore such precipitating factors are removed.
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