Prebridal packages

At Influennz, we’re dedicated to making you feel truly special on your bridal journey with utmost safety and care!

The months leading up to the wedding are always stressful and that’s where we come to ease your nerves. Our specially curated pre-bridal and pre groom package in Delhi will pamper you from head to toe and give you a bridal glow like none other. We have everything you need, from express packages for the last-minute glow to 1-month wow packages for brides who want to take their sweet time.

Why Opt For Pre-Bridal Skincare?

Now coming to the big question, why prep for your big day? First things first, most of us have skin and hair issues which we’ve been avoiding for a long. Prepping involves fixing these issues and then smoothly transitioning to makeup without risking the status of your hair and skin.

Ideally, the pre-bridal prep should begin months before the wedding. With the wedding season just around the corner, do a favour and recommend your friend/cousin about the importance of it and our irresistible packages, whether it be pre-bridal or groom facial packages in delhi.

Dr Geetika’s Approach To Pre-Bridal Skincare Packages At Influennz

Every bride is different, not in just the terms of her skin, but her approach to the wedding. Dr Geetika Srivastava has specially curated packages of treatments according to the time frames available.

6 Months Before The Wedding

The bride wants to look the finest on her wedding day, but to do so just following ‘ghar ke nuske’ won’t help. There are plenty of things that go into making a lawless bride and it starts with pre-bridal sessions. These sessions are also great to release all the pre-wedding tensions.

The way to start your prep is by addressing your skin and body concerns. Be it from stretch marks to acne to pigmentation.

For Body:

For Face:


Weddings are a turning point in one’s life and why should one limit a stunning look to just a single day. Perpetuate it beyond the wedding day and make the life ahead of you beautiful as well. Influennz has got your back covered with our Pre-Bridal/Pre-Grooming package in Delhi that can be completely customised as per your needs.

Since we have adequate time at hand, it is okay if you experiment a little(of course under dermatologist supervision) and opt for something more radical and invasive.

Facial Trials : Every facial does not suit all skins. There are various facials for different skin concerns. A single trial of different types of facials will ensure that you do not develop any rash prior to the wedding and maximise your glow on D-day.

Dermal- : More and more brides are opting for dermal- these days for facial enhancement. After enhancing your inner glow it’s time to sharpen those jawlines, fix that dent on the nose, and mask those dark circles.

Skin Booster : Amidst all the hustle, one can naturally forget taking care of oneself. One can forget as simple as drinking water. Skin booster is little packets of water that is kept beneath your skin to provide deep nourishment and hydration. And this can last up to a year too.


As one keeps moving near the date of D-day, one can feel the stress building up. We offer exciting packages & services for Bride, Groom & their families or friends to treat their skin & hair prior to the big day. We usually suggest taking long term treatments to attain the maximum results.

Must have skincare treatments prior to your wedding:

  • Facials
  • Body polishing

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