Ingrown hair

If finding ways to deal with acne prone skin and breakouts wasn’t enough, we girls have to deal with ingrown hair too. Sometimes, it feels like society is truly unfair for women in general with such high standards about their body, hair and skin. Not to worry anymore, ingrown hair can be treated easily at Influennz.

What causes ingrown hair?

Hair is supposed to be on the surface of the skin and not inwards. Due to improper shaving or waxing, the hair shaft grows back into the skin rather than on it. This is taken like a foreign substance for our body. Therefore, an inflammatory response is triggered to the hair shaft leading to red inflamed papules and even a pustule. Those with thick hair on their body are more predisposed to ingrown hair.

Treatment of ingrown hair

Laser hair removal is the surest and permanent way to treat ingrown hair. As mentioned above, ingrown hair is the result of hair “irritating” the skin. What if we permanently damage the hair root itself with the help of a laser. No hair roots leads to no inflammation resulting in no ingrown hair. This is how laser hair removal works for ingrown hair.

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