Oxyjet Facial treatment

Oxygen facials are very popular with celebrities right now because of its effectiveness. It is the ultimate oxygenating treatment to rejuvenate the face, Décolletage, and hands. It uses a combination of oxygen, vitamins, and exfoliants to revive the skin along with improving overall circulation. It is an excellent facial to treat dull and uneven skin tone and also target pigmentation problems. This treatment is pain-free, needles-free, and downtime-free.

Oxyjet Facial treatment in Delhi

What Is Oxyjet Facial?

This facial is used to deeply hydrate and cleanse your skin. It instantly gives a boost of fresh ‘oxygen’ with the help of a handheld device. Via the probe, micronutrients and anti-oxidants are instilled deeply in your skin along with skin particles.
This facial is designed to deeply hydrate and cleanse your skin. It will instantly give you a boost of fresh “oxygen” literally through a hand-held device. It is done via a special probe wherein micronutrients and anti-oxidants are infused deep into your skin along with oxygen particles. This helps in reducing free radicals from the skin leaving your skin smooth and supple for the longest amount of time.

Benefits Of Oxyjet Facial

  • Anti-pollution facial
  • Helps in sun-damaged skin
  • Blotchy pigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone, dullness
  • Dry skin

Pre And Post Treatment Care

The treatment takes around 1 hour to complete. Your skin might appear pink immediately after the treatment, but that will subside within an hour. Results can be visible after the first treatment for some patients as the skin and pores appear clear, and the fine lines disappear. After the treatment, your skin will be sensitive to sun exposure, so SPF 50+ is recommended for a period of 2 weeks.

Oxyjet Facial treatment in Delhi

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