Double chin treatment

An average woman looks at the mirror about 8 times a day and an average man thinks about sex almost 20 times a day! Well the latter information was not necessary but well….why not! Sometimes you are pleased with your reflection in the mirror while more often than not you can be left with disappointment because you are not happy with yourself, especially due to the presence of a double chin. There are treatments available at Influennz to tackle your double chin.

Treatments available at Influennz for double chin

  • HIFU : A non-invasive way to tackle fat pockets in the body, this machine uses ultrasonic therapy to target the fat layer. The ultrasound waves create thermal coagulation zones which can literally melt the fat away.
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  • Liposlim treatment : This treatment uses lipolytic solutions to target localised stubborn pockets of fat. Usually 2-3 sessions are required once in a month. The procedure is painless, does not have any downtime and can be done on an OPD basis too.
    Procedure of liposlim treatment

  • Threads : The PDO thread works by stimulating collagen and elastin underneath the skin. This contracts the skin and can “lift” double chin due to the tightening effect.
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  • Dermal : Chin augmentation with the help of dermal can not only improve your side profile but can mask a double chin too.
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Results of double chin treatment

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