If you are not just flushing around your college crush but are always red, even while eating spicy food, or when exposed to hot weather conditions, or when angry, you might be suffering from rosacea.

What is Rosacea ?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that presents as redness of the central part of the face along with few bumps and lumps that look like acne. Often it is misdiagnosed as acne which can further worsen the symptoms. Those with rosacea have sensitive skin type and can have prominent oil glands on the nose, chin or forehead (known as phymatous rosacea).

Acne Vs Rosacea

Acne is a far more common skin condition compared to rosacea. Hence, if not properly assessed, rosacea can be misdiagnosed as acne. However, there are few differentiating points between the two:

  • Lack of comedones in rosacea
  • Lack of redness in acne
  • Rosacea usually happens on a sensitive skin background
  • Triggers for rosacea are classical

Want to know more differences between acne and rosacea? Watch this video:

Treatments available at Influennz for Rosacea

First, our board certified dermatologist will assess your skin type and concerns and will start some medical treatment for rosacea along with some procedures. These procedures are:

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