Face treatment: Men

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. No wonder that masculine aesthetics are quite different from feminine ones. A classical metrosexual male is described with

  • Rugged, sharp features with squarish jawline
  • Well groomed hair and beard
  • Neatly trimmed body hair, toe and fingernails
  • Pleasant smell and amazing personality.

Men have few differences as compared to women in terms of skin type and behavioural traits. They are:

  • Thicker and oilier skin
  • More skin appendages and hence better healing power
  • More prominent pores
  • Well defined facial wrinkles
  • More outdoor activities and hence more skin tan
  • Men often want a simpler skin care routine too

While you work on your personality and communication skills, we can definitely help you out with different treatments specifically designed for you:

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