Cosmelan therapy

Skin hyperpigmentation is a global concern, especially in Indian setup that bruises like a peach and tans like a ginger. Every second Indian is suffering from one or the other forms of hyperpigmentation, especially tanning. Sun exposure is unavoidable in any part of the country. Even for ones who always stay indoors, a trip to the grocery store can cause enough sun exposure to cause hyperpigmentation problems.

Melasma is one of the most common yet distressing pigmentation problems affecting the majority of Indians, predominantly females. While few subtypes respond drastically to pico lasers for pigmentation and even routine chemical peels, a subset of melasma is absolutely resistant to treatment, even topical preparations. Such individuals should opt for cosmelan therapy.

What is the Cosmelan method of depigmentation?

Cosmelan therapy is “not just a peel” application. It is the commitment to the client for adequate results and requires equal dedication from the client to follow all the adequate protocol to prevent recurrences of the treatment.

The Cosmelan therapy is divided into 4 phases

  • Phase I : Intensive depigmentation
  • Phase II : Continuous depigmentation
  • Phase III : Pigmentation regulation
  • Phase IV : Reappearance control

How does Cosmelan work?

Cosmelan therapy has a dual pronged approach with CORRECTION and REGULATION.

  • Kojic acid and ascorbyl phosphate present in the cosmelan peel reduces the function of tyrosinase because it contains copper chelating agents.
  • Azelaic acid inhibits tyrosinase overstimulation within the melanosome, lowering oxidative stress and reducing melanin synthesis.

What are the steps of cosmelan therapy?

Following are the steps of Cosmelan therapy

  • Oil removing solution to degrease the face and ensure uniform penetration of the peel
  • COSMELAN 1 application for 10-14 hours
  • Application of cosmelan products like melan recovery and melan 30+ for the next 2 weeks
  • Cosmelan 2 application for maintenance

What is the cosmelan peel treatment cost in India?

The cosmelan peel available in India has been customised for Indian skin type which is prone to pigmentation. The cost of cosmelan peel treatment can vary from 45000 onwards at various centres across Delhi and abroad.

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