Sculpting the Jaw and Chin

A lot of people are not content with how their jawline and chin look. Other people have genetically weaker-looking jawlines or a disproportionate chin/ jawline from the rest of the face. Dermal fillers can help to re-sculpt that part of the face. It will help to stiffen the skin and balance out facial proportions.

How to get a sculpted jawline?

A defined jawline is the result of plethora of factors. There could be sagging of skin that needs correction. There could be fat loss due to age which needs correction with dermal fillers. There could be double chin giving an uneven appearance of jawline. While dermal fillers do give a fantastic results when it comes jawline definition, combining it with other treatments like HIFU or Neffertiti neck lift can give even better results. To know more, watch this video:

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