What Is Spotless Peels At Influennz?

Epidermal Pigmentation is found on the upper layers of skin. Spotless peels at Influennz aims at exfoliating the superficial layers of skin so that the pigments cell shed off leaving a clear and fairer skin. This is attained by a combination of chemical peels like mandelic acid, TCA, glycolic acid, retinol and resorcinol.

Are peels safe for Indian skin?

Indian skin is naturally pigmented and dark. Unlike Americans, we are more prone to tanning and sun damage but we hardly get sunburned. So, we are often scared of chemical peel procedure for the fear of skin darkening after sun exposure. However, with proper preparation of the skin with the help of skin lightening agents, peels can be performed with utmost safety and effectiveness even amongst Indians.

At Influennz, we often combine spotless peels with pico laser toning to make the chemical peeling process more safe and effective.

Do I need a long recovery time after spotless peel?

Another common concern when undergoing chemical peel treatment in Delhi is regarding the possibility of a long recovery time. But the only downtime of a spotless peel is visible peeling of the skin for around 3 to 5 days which can be managed by adequate moisturisation. Most of our clients get their peel session on a Wednesday night and they have absolutely amazing skin by monday. They don’t even have to take a single day off.

What if my skin does not peel after the session?

We aim to achieve visible peeling of the skin but that is never the end goal. Visible peeling of the skin depends on intensity of peel used and the thickness of the skin. Sometimes there is no visible peeling of the skin but you still see glow and improvement in skin tone. That is because microexfoliation of the skin continues to happen even if there is no visible peeling of the skin.

What is the aftercare required?

Adequate moisturisation and liberal sunscreen application is must. Do not peel off the skin and practice sun protection.

Peels or lasers: Which is better for pigmentation?

A combination approach where in we combine chemical peels for pigmentation alongside laser treatment for pigmentation is the best approach for most effective results. However, for Indian skin tone, pico laser is safer than chemical peels. However, both chemical peels and lasers are equally effective for pigmentation treatment if used judiciously.

Which is the best chemical peel for hyperpigmentation?

There is no such thing as “the best chemical peel” for hyperpigmentation. A best chemical peel for pigmentation is one that is safe,effective and gives permanent results with minimal downtime. At Influennz, the peels used for pigmentation is dependent on the discretion of the dermatologist in Delhi. We often perform sequential peels with cocktail ingredients to deliver the best results for pigmentation in Delhi.

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